Saturday, November 14, 2009

bah bah bah

I am going to use this post to try to organize what is going on right now. Then, maybe, I can forget about keeping it all together for a while because it is written down.

Immediate concerns:

-Wednesday exam in Russian. Reading skills are pretty good. Spelling is decent. Still need to learn some vocabulary. Listening skills are awful.
-Paper due in 19th Century British Novel on Wednesday (semi-self imposed due date because is not really due until Dec. 2 but must get it done because I will have many more things to worry about at that point).
-Must harass Shakespeare professor into giving me the grade I deserve on my midterm. It is obvious that the woman put no thought into grading it.
-Finish "Middlemarch".

Pressing concerns:

-Seminar Paper in OW course. Must harass library into inter-library-borrowing the books I need because someone has decided to check out every single one that I want. After that, begin the arduous task of going from book to book and stringing together an argument. Start an immense word-doc for it all. Get it done before Dec. 12, ideally.
-General inability to find time for Russian.
-Need to write a paper for Russian Art and Culture comparing an American article and a Russian article on the same topic. Must find articles.
-Must make up Writing Intensive Petition. Check on Historical Perspectives Petition.

Less Pressing Concerns (until next month):

-Getting everything done before last week of term so that I don't end up doing schoolwork until Dec. 23-- like they want me to.
-After the term is over, starting and finishing "Origins of English Words" 3 credit course before Spring Term starts on Jan. 18. Finding a way to improve the quality of the Lecture CD audio.
-Finish Fiction Writing course.

General Concern:

-Get through this and have a day or two to rest before Spring term starts.
-Keep Sanity.