Thursday, December 17, 2009

greetings from finals hell!


This is the picture I used for my family's christmas card this year-- yes I did find time to do it. Every other picture had someone's eyes closed or a bad face, so I chose this one. People seem to like it.

Only 16 more hours to finish this seminar paper. GAH!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Finals are going to kill me this week.

Once I get my seminar paper paper done though, it won't be so bad, it is due Friday but I need to have it done before then. Wrote my Russian Art and Culture Final last Friday. Wednesday is my Russian language final. Shakespeare final is due next Monday and 19th Century British Literature final is due Wednesday-- but I am NOT going to stay here until the day before Christmas eve for this shit so I need to get it done.

GOAL: be home on Saturday so I can make sugar cookies for my Dad's sunday school class.

I have already gotten most of my family's presents ordered. I need to put together the custom christmas crackers and make a bag for Steph.

Can't wait for this all to be over.

(But then I have to finish those distance courses. Blah.)