Monday, September 28, 2009

the bottom line


This is how close I am to graduating from college.

All the pink stuff will be done by the end of spring term/on time for graduation.

HOWEVER, the black circle signifies the Historical Perspectives requirement I am said not to have met (regardless of the History course I have taken). If I can't meet this by petition I will have to give up on a Russian Minor. And the arrow is to the English major requirements, wherein they have told me my "Critical Approaches" course doesn't count for the theory course at UMN-TC. Greeaaatt. At the same time they won't let me take a class at the TC that WOULD count for the requirement because it is too close to the content in my "Critical Approaches" class. They might not let me take my Senior Seminar this spring because I haven't met the language/theory requirement.

This is sooo messed up. Right now I am actively taking 17 credits but I am technically signed up for 23. If I finished the "Origins of English Words" course that I have via distance learning then this would all be OK. I have the Short Story class mostly finished.

Tomorrow I am going to a mandatory information meeting about the English Senior Seminars. They obviously have a flair for the dramatic because they haven't put the titles of the courses on the schedule yet. It figures that they would want to ~reveal~ them to us in a way that wastes an hour of our time.

If I channel Kanye West: the University of Minnesota Twin Cities doesn't care about English majors.

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