Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a short one

I have given myself up, body and soul, to the pursuit of applying to graduate school. Because things aren't nebulous anymore, I've also given up the lectures until the new year when I'll be done with the application process and can add randomly to my stash of knowledge. I'm looking forward to reading Waugh and Hartley and Saki, and watching Simon Schama's "History of Britain" all the way through in a marathon aided by knitting and baking pleasures, and going to bed without feeling like my entire future is being frittered away by sleep.

I want to get it all done before Christmas because I haven't had a really peaceful Christmas holiday since 2008.

Autumn pictures to come. It's all yellow, brown and red colorways in the trees right now, and immense golden fields with big round hay bales and combines driving around them. All this is picturesque until you get stuck an implement going down the road--taking up both lanes-- doing 15 mph.


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  2. and what's about your Russian studies, Catherine? =)

  3. Hello! Well, part of me wishes it was Russian studies, but the applications are actually for English Literature programs. I am not good enough at Russian to apply to graduate programs in Russian Studies.

    That said, most English programs require one or two languages, so if I manage to get in somewhere I hope to direct some of my research towards Russian Literature (in order to have the excuse to study Russian further).

  4. Great! Wish you the best! :) If you have any troubles with Russian let me know. "Kirillka" (as I call myself) will help you ;)