Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february is not very spring-like

Going to work was a treat this morning as it was -14 degrees F with a windchill that was probably -30. This wind is what makes these temperatures very bitter because it whips away all your warmth between your gloves and coat sleeves and freezes your legs between your coat and boots. I was freezing all day at work until I got to the gym.

(this is a second story window, under which I sit, that was slowly covered in drifting snow)

Most people in the country experienced a lot of snow on Monday and are not very happy about it. We, in Minnesota, were relatively unfazed because the infrastructure exists to pretty quickly remove the snow from roads and get things working again. Too fast actually; I would have liked a snow day.

It promises to be warmer tomorrow, though. Perhaps even up to 20 degrees! I just hope it doesn't snow again next week because I'll be responsible for all snow removal while dog/house sitting and I don't want to get out the tractor. It snows-- WITHOUT FAIL-- whenever my mother drives to the cities area in the winter. She just so happens to be going on Friday and snow is forecast. Super.

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