Sunday, April 10, 2011

a sense of spiritual adventure?


A snippet for you, before I have to give it back to the library:

"Many men whose prime business is the art of writing find rest and refreshment in other occupations. They marry or they keep dogs, they play golf or bridge, they study Sanskrit or collect postage stamps. Except for a period of ownership of a dachshund, Henry James did none of these things. He lived a life consecrated to the service of a jealous, insatiable, and supremely rewarding goddess, and all his activities had essential reference to that service. He had a great belief in the virtues of exercise, and he was expert at making a walk of two or three miles last for as many hours by his habit of punctuating movement with frequent and prolonged halts for meditation or conversation. He like the exhilaration of driving in a motor-car, which gave him, he said, "a sense of spiritual adventure." (Henry James at Work, 22)



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