Friday, April 29, 2011



The day before Easter here was gray and cold. My mother and I found these first wildflowers on our walk:


They were furry, as if equipped for the harsh weather.


Some of our own bulbs had come up too.


The sun came out later-- a little preview of the next day when it was sunny and 60 degrees and I felt uncomfortably hot sitting on the lawn in the sun with my cousins while the two who were still young enough to hunt for candy had their pick over what they thought was most desirable. The bottlecaps were generally left to be eaten by my grandpa's very sadly neglected dog.


I baked some delicious soft cinnamon rolls (best recipe ever), because nobody was very much into the idea of hot cross buns. Slimy little raisins generally ruin a good soft yeast bread in my opinion. We also had almond-scented pound cake in a bundt pan and in the shape of a lamb, as is tradition. Last year my mom finally realized that she'd been baking it upside down all these years and that was why it never had a nose. She serves it with green coconut and jelly bellies.


At night, I had an uncharacteristically healthy snack to save up for the cake and jelly beans the next day.


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