Tuesday, May 3, 2011

whither the weather?

I woke up today and it was 27 degrees with frost outside. We don't even have leaves yet. This is unfair.

That is all.


Oh, and someone finally killed Osama, obviously. I found out on facebook when everyone started updating their statuses to "got him!", "USA USA USA!" and sometimes "RIP osama" from those who think they're ~enlightened~. Apparently this is supposed to fill me with joy. I'd be filled with joy if this meant that social security is still going to be around when I'm old and infirm, which perhaps it will be if this means that the we can stop playing police for the rest of the world and stop spending money on war. And Obama: don't even think about feeding North Korea-- the people who would inevitably get the food would gladly bomb us to smithereens-- when we have a huge national debt and people starving/homeless at home.

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