Sunday, May 8, 2011

another holiday post: mother's day


In our house, making a place setting (opps, must have been eaten on already in the above picture) at someone's spot at the table-- yes there are immutable assigned seats-- is the ultimate gesture of celebration. We always had our cards and presents stacked around a carefully arranged plate and cup on our Birthdays, usually with a napkin fluffed out in a fancy glass. On Easter, and sometimes Valentines day (depending on whether we had a significant other), we'd have candy at "our place". It is my Mom's way of making us feel special and nothing is quite like it.


Of course that means that she gets a place setting on Mother's Day. Being the only child left at home, the burden was completely on me to make the day special, and I think I did a pretty good job. I made this Almond Puff Loaf from KAF the night before. One has homemade lemon curd and the other has raspberry jam on top. How were they? Well, we've already eaten the whole lemon curd one. I'd prefer a krispy cream though.


They were quite puffy but I did verge a bit from the recipe by refrigerating the bottom layer while making the top layer and then baking the whole thing about 30 minutes longer. I wanted crispiness and I got it!


I would have taken pictures when the jam and icing were shiny, but it was about 3AM. It still looks pretty good, yes?

I also made my Mom a stack of lavender sachets for her closet and this embroidered pouch for a larger sachet:


Yes, I went a little crazy with the french knots.


In weather news, our tulips have started to bloom, but we still have no leafy trees. Sometimes it feels like winter, sometimes like summer.


Also, it would figure that the ONE TIME that I am outside all day, it would be 70 degrees and sunny-- as in yesterday when we planted about 400 trees. Not kidding: my knees are bruised and my butt and back are incredibly sore from stooping over. My ears are even sun burned. I will take pictures of the burgeoning oak grove later, but right now I'm going to order some oak leaf earrings to make up for my trauma. Materialism to the rescue.


Here is an extra picture of old little Ole lumbering towards me on the porch:


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